The Interdimensional Union (I.U.) was a group created to help keep peace and a specific set of laws between dimensions. It was formed shortly after the Early-Original Dimension Extinction Event (The Genesian Extinction). The main goal of this group was to close off Original Dimension and create a set of laws to ensure a similar extinction event wouldn't occur again. It lasted from the middle of God 9's reign through the end of God 12's (also known as the Reformation Period) and was broken apart into 3 parties soon after the rise of God 13.


Early Interest (Pre-Protestant War)

Before the Protestant War, the interest in forming a union between dimensions was low. However, talks had been forming between Mugen Corp. and The Zakros States, with plans to create technology to help track every dimension traveler and keep a census between all dimensions. The was also interest in categorizing every person into various groups. The specific categories were never made public before the plans fell through due to a lack of public support for the idea.

During the Great Economic Corruption of 1847 O.E., interest was brought up once again, in order to reach a stable economy between dimensions. PLans were set to have a single economy named Quin. Planning documents reveal that a large building would be set up in an isolated location within each dimension. In these buildings, Quin would be produced. Annually, one dimension would be host to a meeting of all the countries' leaders from each dimension. It also contained exact plans on how to design the building. However, costs and agreements, as well as differences in the culture between countries and dimensions caused difficulty, leading to no action being taken on the plans.

In the 1970s O.E., The Dimensional Scare of 1974 O.E. led to people once again considering a union. A small group of people made up of 1 or 2 of the smartest people from each region in a dimension would be formed. These groups would give monthly reports using recent interdimensional communication technology. Due to the lack of any formal planning existing, with all ideas being public concepts, the idea died off without any in-depth plans being made. However, these ideas would assist in more formal planning during the Protestant War.

Late Interest


Unification Efforts





Fall of God 9

Corruption of Various Heads

Strict Laws

Inability to Properly Rule in some Dimensions